What a blessing to be a member of the Israelite Baptist Church.  May God continue to bless my church family.  - Sis. Lillian G. Brown

About Us

Our purpose, as a church, is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, both in our corporate worship and in our individual lives, that all might experience His new life as stated in John 10:10: I have come that they may have Life, and may have it in abundance.

There was a time when people gathered together in an atmosphere of genuine love for one another. A time when people were accepted unconditionally, regardless of ancestry, social status, or their personal situations.
It was a time when people freely gave to each other according to need. Sometimes the need involved food or money. Most often it involved simple caring and support. The scene was the first century A.D.--The early days of Christianity.

Our vision is to lead people into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. As we allow Christ to live in and through us. As we minister in His name and as we grow in understanding of His Word.

Israelites Baptist Church     2100 Martin L. King Blvd  •  New Orleans, LA 70113  •  (504) 354-8703